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Buy Surge soda online!

Buy Surge Soda Online!

Surge soda is back, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks in good part to the efforts of the online community “Save Surge”, Coca-Cola has begun a limited re-release of the iconic (and delicious) 90’s soda.  Surge is also known at MDK or “Mountain Dew Killer”.

Currently available exclusively through online retailer, you can have the classic, X-TREMEly nostalgic goodness of Surge Soda delivered right to your door. You better hurry though, because these new 16oz cans are literally surging off of Amazon’s shelves!

Surge is still widely thought of to be the official drink of the extreme sports lifestyle, with youtube commercials very much like the TV commercials produced by Mountain Dew, their chief rival.  Coca-Cola also used suggestive catchphrases to market Surge to extreme sports enthusiasts and young adults alike. A few of the more popular catchphrases  include “Feed the Rush”, “Life’s a Scream” and the references to Surge as “A Fully Loaded Citrus Soda.” Coca-Cola also made sure to tell people that Surge had a considerable number of carbohydrates, hence the “with carbos” tagline that was often used in the marketing campaigns to emphasize the fact that Surge is more than a  wonderful citrus soda, but also an extreme an energy drink.  Think Gatorade mixed with Red Bull.  Yumm!

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