What Happened to Surge Soda?

Until very recently, SURGE was discontinued in the US. No longer!

Bring Back Surge Soda. We want to buy Surge online!

Surge, originally known as “Urge” in Norway, was first released in 1996. It was Coca-Cola’s answer to Pepsico’s Mountain Dew.

surecanbIn late ’96, Coca-Cola renamed “Urge” to Surge and released it in the US. The soda did really well for a few years, but unfortunately, the popularity started to wane towards the end of the 90’s. By 2001, with sales slipping, Coca-Cola started to pull the plug on our dear Surge. The soda was pulled from the shelves in 2001, and production of the soda syrup (for soda fountains) stopped in 2002.

A community of Surge lovers started a campaign to bring the drink back, almost immediately after is discontinuation in 2002. They flooded Coca-Cola headquarters with calls, letters, and emails begging to bring the drink back. After over a decade, these efforts finally paid off! SURGE has been re-released by Coca-Cola in a limited production run, exclusive to Amazon.com.

A few SURGE commercials, lost in time: